The Gorge of Rekkas

The Gorge of Rekkas is the largest in Gkiona, the highest mountain of Central Greece. At the lowest point of which is situated the Viniani in Prosilio and 13 kilometers from the Pyramid, the top of Giona , at an altitude of 2,510 meters.

Incomparable beauty and unique experiences of hiking, the Gorge of Rekkas is one of the most important in the country. Steep cliffs, rich vegetation including many rare species of animals living in the area – is characterized as wildlife refuge indeed – and streams make up the mountainous landscape.

Firs emerge from the rocks creating forests and if you are lucky you will meet goats, for which the Gorge of Rekkas is a habitat. At first, the way is parallel to the stream in the beautiful nature. Approximately 1.5 hours after entering the Viniani, in area “Mili”, there are ruins of old watermills and sources with raging water, in Platylitho.

The ascension of 13 km from the Gorge of Rekkas to the top lasts about 10 hours. After halfway is situated the refuge of “Pezoporikos Association of Athens” in position of Laka Kavounis. Its capacity is 20 people and it is built on 1850 meters altitude. It has a fireplace and two woodstoves, while outside there is a source of drinking water. The ascension from here to the Pyramid lasts about 2 hours.

During the Ottoman period, the Gorge of Rekkas was the refuge of the Greeks kleftarmatolwn, while the summer of 1942 , in the ” Mill ” of Gorge of Rekkas was the first battle of the Resistance , between structured body rebels under Aris Velouchiotis and Italian extract. The defeat of the Italians was overwhelming and resulted in retaliation to the destruction of Segditsa , the current over the village Prosilio.

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