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Museums in Rethymno prefecture are of different interests and host on their displays various exhibits, from the impressive and numerous archaeological findings to the works by modern artists. The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno stands out from all the museums of the city. It is housed in a building located at the Fortezza Fortress entrance. The findings from the Minoan, Geometric and Archaic period are among its exhibits.

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Rethymno hosts collections of traditional crafts and folk art objects.

The Museum of Modern Art of Crete is a blending of the old Municipal Gallery "L. Kanakakis" and the Centre for Modern Art Creations and has a permanent collection of about 500 works of contemporary Greek artists covering a wide range of Modern Greek art from 1950 until today.

The Marine Life Museum possesses a large collection of mollusks, sponges, Cnidaria (jellyfishes), various species of fish and some fossils.

The Paleontological Museum of Rethymno operating since 2009 in the restored Mosque Veli Pasha gives the visitors an opportunity to experience an important part of the Crete evolution and geological and paleontological changes in a long-term 300 million years.

The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Eleftherna will be a unique museum, which will open its doors to the public in mid-2015 and will be the first museum on Crete located in an archaeological site.

It is not only the Rethymno museums that are stealing the headlines and deserve the visitor's attention. There are also significant museums located in villages like Papageorgoulakeio Folklore Museum Asomatou, the Prinari Mill, the Kapsaliana Olive Museum and much more.

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