Rethymno - Transportation

In the prefecture of Rethymno the best choice for your transportation from place to place is private or rented car since there are some parts of the area that cannot be reached by the local means of transportation or the organized tourist trips. There are big rental companies in the city of Rethymno and in some resorts nearby which can provide you with cars and scooters.

The road network is in very good condition and can take you everywhere, in most parts as a paved road, but probably in some remote beaches and mountain villages you will be driving on a natural road. If driving carefully during your transportation, you can cross the whole county in less than two hours on average. For example, from Argyroupoli towards Anogeia, one of the most famous Greek villages, you will have to drive about one and a half to two hours (79 km).

The county’s means of public transportation generally is in satisfactory condition, given the fact that there is an extensive provincial and community road network. City buses are serving the city of Rethymnon and the nearest villages from early morning until late at night. Intercity buses connect Rethymnon with all other prefectures of Crete providing easy journey for both residents and visitors.

The "public" bus network KTEL to Chania and Rethymno covers the biggest part of all sorts of transportation to the villages, the cultural attractions and the beaches of the whole region. The KTEL’s central offices are located in Chania, on Cydonia Street. For example, from there, you can travel to Plakias, Agia Galini, Preveli, Rodakino, Episkopi, Panormo, Bali and Skaleta. Check all KTEL routes’ details here:

You can use a taxi, if you wish to experience your transportation through the whole prefecture with comfort and luxury. Arriving at the Chania airport or port, for example, you will find many taxicabs parked, ready to take you anywhere you want. There are many cab-stands in the capital of Rethymno prefecture and in the most popular tourist resorts. A radio-taxi service is also available. The charges for most trips to the popular destinations are fixed. Some indicative taxi rides: the route from Rethymno to Bali lasts about 30 minutes and costs 38 euros. The journey to Triopetra, lasting 40 minutes, reaches 60 Euros.

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