Aggeliana is a village in the prefecture of Rethymno, located 22 km far from Rethymno on the road leading to Perama.

At an altitude of just 90 meters, Aggeliana is one of the most famous lowland villages of Crete including the settlements of Chanothiana and Alexander Hani.

According to the locals, the origin of the name Aggeliana comes from the fact that the village once was an old messengers’ station. Its official date of founding is not known, but it certainly existed during the Venetian rule. During the Turkish rule the village was inhabited by Turkish Agas and residents used to hide their crops in order to protect them from their raids. Up to the October of 1943, the residents of Aggeliana fought against the Germans who had overcome the settlement.

Residents of Aggeliana, in their biggest part hailing from Sfakia, are engaged mostly in agriculture and a little bit in livestock breeding.

There is a church of Agios Georgios in Aggeliana, which, according to the tradition, used to operate as a monastery in the past. In the center of the village, there is a church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, which is the largest church of the village, and below it, you can find the monument in honor of the fallen fighters during the war. A little further, away from the square, there is the church of the Holy Trinity and the church of Agios Antonios, with remarkable frescoes, belonging to the Monastery of Attali in Bali.

Near the village Aggeliana there is a mythical cave telling the story of a hunter trying to find partridges, when he found an icon of Virgin Mary. Then, he tried to build a chapel in her honor, but ultimately did not succeed. A tomb dating to Late-Minoan period was also found in the village, along with shrines and many offerings.

In the village of Aggeliana you will find traditional taverns and cafes. In the central part of the village, there is a large stadium and the Agricultural Cooperative of Olive oil makers. In the building of the cultural association of the village marriages and baptisms are performed, while there are two schools, a nursery and a primary school with the Road safety Park for Children.

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