Agia Galini beaches

The Agia Galini beaches can be found in close proximity to the Spili village and to the southeast of the Rethymno prefecture, approximately 60 km to the south of Rethymno city in the homonym settlement.

Agia Galini consists of two beaches, taking shape in picturesque harbors of the area. There is a major beach and a second beach, narrower and rockier, which is more popular among the nudists. The second beach is not organized and ends at the Kokkinos Pyrgos settlement.

Fine-pebbled, sandy and with clear cold waters due to the Platis River or else, Amarianos, the Agia Galini beaches create many caves along its west shores. One of these caves, which is the only accessible on foot, is called Spilaio of Daedalus. It is believed to have been the workplace of the mythical character and the spot from where his son Ikaros and he, in order to escape Minoas, flew away using their wax wings.

The major beach of Agia Galini is fully organized and the visitors can find there all kinds of activities, such as water sports and diving centers, enjoying at the same time the facilities of the village.

The Agia Galini beaches are not recommended for those who seek serenity since during the bathing season the beaches get extremely crowded.

Apart from hotels, rooms-to-let, taverns and shops, there is an organized camping site on the east side of Agia Galini beaches.


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