Agia Marina

The beach of Agia Marina is located on the south coast of Rethymno prefecture, 47 kilometers from the city of Rethymno and 2 kilometers from the village Rodakino.

The beach of Agia Marina is named after the homonymous church, built on the edge of the coast with its many caves.

The Agia Marina beach has clear deep waters, where you can find sand, pebbles and rocks, making this location ideal for fishing and exploring the seabed. This is the place of an absolute calmness and quietness with the trees offering their shade to the bathers, as long as the weather is not windy.

Agia Marina is suitable for free camping, but you can also find lots of rooms to let along with two canteens for your coffee or snack.

The Peristeres beach is situated not far away from the beach of Agia Marina.

European routes E4.26 and E4.27 are crossing each other in Agia Marina region.

Finally, you can reach Agia Marina by an easy path after walking approximately for 20 minutes

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