Agia Marina monastery

The Agia Marina monastery in Rethymno prefecture was very close to the Chalepa monastery, near the villages of Tsachiana and Veni, 46 kilometers east of Rethymno.

Today, only the Byzantine church of the 14th century, richly decorated with frescoes, is suggesting the existence of the Agia Marina monastery, which probably stood there during the same period.

H story of two neighboring monasteries, Agia Marina monastery and the Chalepa monastery was common until 1646, when they were destroyed by the Turks. After its destruction, the Agia Marina monastery was never rebuilt. It seems that both monasteries originally belonged to the family Kallergis, since the family’s blazon is on the façade of the Agia Marina monastery. The existence of the monastery during the Venetian period is proved by the documents dating to 1555-1625, where the property issues of the nunnery were mentioned. During that period, the monastery was located approximately at same spot, where the only remaining Agia Marina church with its important frescoes now stands.

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