Aloides is a village in the prefecture of Rethymno that is located approximately 48 km far from the city of Rethymno and 11 km north of the settlement Sises.

The Aloides is a rural village located on the outskirts of the Tallaia Mountains, on the slope of Sofiani peak and belongs to the municipality of Mylopotamos.

The name of the village Aloides origins in a story of the nymphs, followers of Talos, sent to restore the balance of the universe.

The Aloides are inextricably linked to the mythology of Psiloritis and to a legend saying that there was a barbarian pirate from Mylopotamos, who was capturing beautiful girls from the surrounding villages and sold them on slave markets of the East, until the goddesses Aloides rid the villagers of harm that was oppressing them.

Also, in a cave in the village Aloides, sometime earlier, human skulls were found and many archaeologists have characterized the excavation as another great discovery, this time referring to the Byzantine period. Besides, the road from Sises to Aloides, apart from being a unique geological route, as there has been found many kinds of limestone, is also a proof of a 250 million years’ history of the area.

There is a church of Agios Georgios in the village Aloides.

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