Amnatos is a village in the prefecture of Rethymno near Kyrianna and the Arkadi monastery, 18 km east of the city of Rethymno.

Built at an altitude of 330 meters, in a lush landscape with ravines full of oaks, cypresses, olive trees and carobs, the Amnatos is uniquely situated on a hill with panoramic views at the prefecture of Rethymno. It is reputed that in this area an ancient city called Tripodo once existed. The Amnatos made its appearance as a settlement at least from the Venetian period, which is visible from the fortress-like architecture and unique Venetian buildings, with the mansion Sanguinazzo in the village square being the most important landmark. In the triangular doorway of the house there was the family’s blazon, the eagle and the inscription: Initium sapientiae timor Domini (=Top Wisdom fear of the Lord).

During the Ottoman rule, the village was inhabited by the Ottomans, who must have built a mosque with minaret according to written sources, while in the area a Turkish tower ruins were found.

Later, in Amnatos the famous School of Arkadi was founded, attended by the monks of the monastery of Arkadi and when the monastery was blasted many of the villagers were present. Among them was Charikleia Daskalakis or Daskalocharikleia with her three sons. In her honor and the honor of all the victims a monument has been erected in the middle of the village. Among the religious attraction there are the churches of Agia Marina, the Zoodohou Pigis (Life Giving Spring), Agios Ioannis and Agios Antonios. The Folklore Museum of Amnatos and the School Museum of the History of Greek Education are also of great interest.

The 150 permanent residents of the Amnatos village are mostly engaged in farming, oil production and livestock breeding.

There are taverns in the village that serve traditional local dishes.

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