Ano Meros

Approximately 50 km far from Rethymno, the village Ano Meros of the prefecture of Rethymno is located.

At an altitude of 580 meters on the northeastern foothills of Mount Kedros, there is the village of Ano Meros built at the panoramic location overlooking the village Amari and the mountain of Psiloritis.

During the Venetian rule and even a little earlier, there were two settlements southwest of the today’s village, but they were deserted by 1250. The Ano Meros was named so, because the people began building it from “above” (ano meros=upper place).

The participation of Ano Meros village in all the liberation struggles is certain, with the culmination of the German raid on August 22 in 1944 and the Holocaust of the six villages of mountain Kedros. In memory of those killed, in the middle of the village there is a monument with their names written on it.

In Ano Meros village you will also find a small Folk Museum specially designed by the Cultural Association of the village, which has rich exhibits at its disposal.

The most important churches of the Ano Meros village are the two-nave Birth of the Virgin, Agios Konstantinos, Agios Stylianos, Agios Georgios and Agia Paraskevi. Apart from the temples, there also are the ruins of the monastery of Kaloeidaina, in a beautiful location with lush vegetation, and the icy water from a spring deriving from Psiloritis.

Today, the Ano Meros village counts about 200 permanent residents.

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