Bali beaches

Bali beaches of the Rethymno prefecture are located in the homonym seaside settlement 30 km approximately to the east of Rethymno.

The Bali beaches to the most part are sandy with some rocky spots. There is also a small harbor on the beach.

Windless Bali beaches are five in total with the first one being the biggest. It is perfectly organized, thus gathering more bathers during the summer season. The second beach to the east is totally unorganized and suitable for relaxation. The third is small and windless and has some tourist facilities, with fish taverns among them. A small, organized forth beach hosts a small harbor, while the fifth beach is considered the most picturesque of them all.

A diving school is operating near Bali beaches, while in the whole area of Bali there are lots of taverns, hotels and rooms-to-let, enough to cover all your needs.

Going to the east of Bali beaches, you will find the Korakia beach.

The Bali beaches can easily be accessed by car and by water-taxi from Rethymno.

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