Cavalier of Agios Loukas

The cavalier of Agios Loukas is located in Rethymno, southwest of Fortezza Fortress, at the bastion of Agios Loukas.

The purpose of the cavalier of Agios Loukas was to protect the city and the fort from the enemies’ attacks from the hills located south of the city. This important for the defense of Rethymno building consists of two oblong structures, arranged in a “Γ” shape, built of raw rocks, internally covered by semi-cylindrical dome and able to support a large volume of embankment.

The eastern structure of the cavalier of Agios Loukas has two large arched entrance openings and a smaller one leading to the western building.

A large ramp was leading to the roof of the cavalier, which served as “plaza”. Upon the plaza canons were placed ready to face the attacks from the opposite hill of Agios Athanasios. The two spaces of the cavalier, apparently, accommodated the troops.

Today, the cavalier of Agios Loukas has been restored by the 28th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities and hosts a variety of cultural events.

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