Drymiskos is a village in the prefecture of Rethymno, located on the road to Kerame, almost 35 km far from the city of Rethymno.

The village of Drymiskos probably took its name either from a small road that existed in the region or the harsh winds that usually blow there. Others assert that the name was given based on a natural park (drymos=park) of oaks.

The Drymiskos village has been built before the Venetian period, while in the years of the Ottoman rule (1669-1898) the residents of Drymiskos were constantly present in the course of history with significant sacrifices in the national struggles.

The main attraction of Drymiskos is the central fountain of the village, formerly used as a natural refrigerator, where the surrounding cafes placed the refreshments to keep them cool, quenching the visitors’ thirst.

The ruined settlement of Katsigrido with the church of Agios Konstantinos is located about halfway on the road leading from Drymiskos to the beach of Drymiskos.

Two churches stand out in the village of Drymiskos, the church of Panagia Gennisi (the Birth) and the Assumption of Virgin Mary, located in the old cemetery of the village. There is also the church of the Holy Trinity built in 1920 with the great Basilica and the ornate temple, which is located in the middle of the village and constitute the Cathedral church of the parish.

Unfortunately, on August 21, 2008 a great fire broke out and destroyed the biggest part of Drymiskos.

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