Ecclesiastical Museum of Rethymno

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Rethymno, founded in 1994, is located in the city of Rethymno in the homonymous prefecture at Metropolis Square. Since its establishment it has been housed opposite the Cathedral, in the offices of the parish.

The exhibition of the Ecclesiastical Museum of Rethymno includes liturgical objects, vestments, icons, Gospels, crosses, lavabos, bells and other religious objects dating to the period 1816-1992. All these objects were located in churches before and were used by the priests.

The historic bell tower clock stands out from all the exhibits. The clock operated from 1894 to 1986 and was replaced recently with new electronic clock.

Among the exhibits of the Ecclesiastical Museum of Rethymno there are also a sculpted stone slab of 1816 found in the church of Agia Varvara and a lithographic plate of 1866, which was used for printing marriage certificates.

Visitors can also see collections of Cretan, American, Turkish and French coins of 1868 on the museum’s displays.

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