Episkopi beach

The Episkopi beach is located approximately 12 km to the west from Rethymno city and 2 km the south from the of Episkopi settlement in Rethymno prefecture.

The Mousela River is the west border of Episkopi beach and the east border is a river that flows through the Petre gorge, next to the bridge of martens.

Episkopi is a big sandy beach with shallow waters, affected by “meltemia” (northwestern daily wind, a very common thing in Aegean Sea), which bring over a lot of seaweeds.

Episkopi beach at some parts is organized and there are some cafeterias around. The east side of the beach is not organized at all, while on the west side you can take pleasure in water sports.

In the area of Episkopi beach, there are lots of big hotel chains, taverns, restaurants, bars and other facilities you might need.

You can easily reach Episkopi beach by car from Rethymno or you could take a bus from the city center, which always make a stop there.

Apart from bathing in the Episkopi beach, you can also visit the springs of Argyroupoli and explore the nearby canyons.

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