The Gyalopotamos beach is located approximately 45 km from Rethymno city and almost 4 km from village Kerame in Rethymno prefecture.

Starting from the west and heading east from Keramiani Gyalia, the first beach that you find in front of you is the Gyalopotamos beach or Gialopotama, as it is known among the locals.

Right outside a small valley, on the east side of a hill, where a stream flows into the sea, the Gyalopotamos beach takes shape. This sandy beach with deep waters is not organized. On the east side, huge rocks overlook the beach, making it popular among the nudists.

Gyalopotamos is very secluded, but there are some summer cottages constructed not far away, as well as some rooms to let near the Agia Foteini settlement.

Taking a dirt-road to the east of Gyalopotamos, you will reach Pyrgos beaches.

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