Helidonion Gorge

The Helidonion gorge in the prefecture of Rethymno is located 33 kilometers south of the city of Rethymno and very close to Preveli.

Starting near the village Drymiskos, the Helidonion gorge passes almost parallel to the Kourtaliotis gorge and ends at the beach Drymiskianos.

The Helidonion gorge was named after the swallows (helidoni=swallow) arriving in this region in summer, a season when there is no water around.

In many parts of the canyon, the rocks are steep and imposing, while the bed of the river that is full-flowing in winter, has dense vegetation.

A big part of the gorge passes alongside the road leading to Ammoudi, where the path that leads to Preveli starts.

The Helidonion gorge is a good suggestion for hikers, even for beginners, since it is quite easy to walk.

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