Iroon Polytechneiou square

Iroon Polytechneiou Square is a square in the prefecture of Rethymno, on the west side of the homonym city , in Sochora district, in front of the police station.

Before being named as Iroon Polytechneiou Square, in the early 20th century it was called Skrydlof Square in honor of the Russian admiral of the Triple Entente since the Russians controlled the city from 1897 until 1909.

There is a County Hall building at the Iroon Polytechneiou Square (also known as County Hall square or Sochora square), a stunning neoclassical building, which had been built within the period 1840-1869. At first, this building was used to house government departments, then, as residence of Prince George and after the 1906 as a County Hall. Until recently it housed all the services of the Prefecture of Rethymno.

New projects of bioclimatic redevelopment were launched at the Iroon Polytechneiou Square, giving a new look to the district enhancing it aesthetically and functionally.

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