Kakoperatos Gorge

The Kakoperatos gorge in the prefecture of Rethymno lies at the village of Agios Vasileios, 22 km south of the city of Rethymno.

It is called Kakoperatos gorge because it is non-walkable and its bottom cannot be approached by people. An impressive and wild natural landscape, the Kakoperatos gorge needs ropes and technical equipment to cross it. A stream runs through it for the most months of the year, creating several waterfalls interchanging with small lakes with crystal clear deep waters, ideal even for diving.

The exit from the Kakoperatos gorge, which is a tributary of the Mega Potamos (meaning the Kourtaliotis river that joins other rivers on its way to the Preveli beach), reaches the Agios Vasileios village with its torrent flowing in close proximity to the houses of the settlement.

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