On the road leading to Lampini of the prefecture of Rethymno and in close proximity to the city of Rethymno, the settlement Karines lies.

Karines is a mountain village built at an altitude of 550 meters, away from the sea and bordering on the east with the Patsou gorge.

The name of the village Karines is sometimes associated with a Homeric word karinon, which means “the top”, since the settlement is surrounded by many hills and peaks. When followed by “i”, it reminds of a mourner muse Karikni of Lamentation.

The settlement Karines, which previously consisted of many smaller settlements, dates back to the second Byzantine period and, because of its geographical position, in the past, it was used as a shelter for the rebels.

The building of the old primary school of Karines, a creation of the early 20th century, is of great historical importance as it was the meeting place of the captains of rebel groups during the National Resistance of the county.

Today, in the village of Karines there are modern units of goat and seep breeding, as well as of rabbit breeding.

The village of Karines holds a feast in honor of the Holy Cross annually on September 14th. Other significant festivals of this area are the Virgin Mary feast in Petra on September 8th and the feast of Christ the Savior on August 6th, when celebrations in honor of the National resistance heroes take place.

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