Kariniotiko Gorge

Kariniotiko gorge in the prefecture of Rethymno lies approximately 2 kilometers northwest of the Karines village and 30 kilometers far from Rethymno.

A small and rather unknown, the Kariniotiko gorge has one of the most impressive oak forests of Crete with ancient-old large oaks.

Along the route through the gorge, the visitor can admire plane trees that cover its edges. Until the early summer the riverbed has enough water, creating beautiful waterfalls in some places. Due to the fact that the gorge narrows almost nowhere, hiking it is considered easy without the use of a rope, as there is always an easy passage at the sides of the waterfalls.

The Kariniotiko gorge is one of the few on the island of Crete formed in flysch (a lithological formation) and not in limestone.

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