Kastellos is a village of the prefecture of Rethymno, built at an altitude of 420 meters, next to Armeni and 11 km far from the city of Rethymno.

Kastellos has been inhabited since the antiquity. This is a Past-Minoan settlement with an acropolis. Two rows of walls and three towers of later periods can be seen today.

During the Venetian period, there were two settlements in this area and in 1577 it had been mentioned by Barozzi under the two names, Castello Echite and Castello Epodhes.

An area with magnificent views, wonderful climate and rich natural landscape, the Kastellos has the privilege of being located in close proximity to urban centers, making it a good choice even for permanent residence.

The development of the area with building reconstruction has begun in the region. The local primary school was renovated and converted into the Museum of Oak and Herbs. That is why, in recent years, there has been a strong demand for real estate in the local market, mainly from young people, who reside permanently in Kastellos.

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