Kedros is the second highest mountain of Rethymno prefecture  situated southwest of Psiloritis , with both mountains enclosing the Amari valley.

Its highest peak is 1.777 meters high and it can be reached by the part of the E4 route. The name “Kedros” derives from the conical shape (kedri=sting) that the mountain seems to have when looking at it from a distance.

A mountain with 101 springs, Kedros is mostly rocky, with cliffs without vegetation and harsh canyons that make it one of the most popular hiking trails of the Crete’s hiking clubs.

There are a magnificent Gious Kampos plateau and the Kissano gorge  nearby.

Many picturesque villages, such as Kissos , Kria Vrisi , Orne , Gerakari , Spili , Agioi Apostoloi  etc. make their appearance on the slopes of the mountain, which is considered a botanic paradise, where all kinds of flowers and herbs thrive. Although the vegetation is mostly limited to small bushes, it includes rear plant species that grow only here, such as tulips, windflowers, orchids, hyacinths and many more. On the flanks, some rear species of raptors nest, such as Golden Eagles, falcons and bearded vultures.

Apart from an ideal destination for nature lovers and those, who enjoy climbing and hiking, the Mt Kedros belongs to the network of nature protection Natura 2000 because of its exceptional biodiversity.

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