The village of Kissos lies approximately 10 km far from the settlement of Spili in the prefecture of Rethymno.

The Kissos village is located at the southern foothills of the Mount Kedros and consists of a newly built settlement of Kampos Kissos and the ruined settlements that are situated nearby, such as the Trigiodi, which lies at site where now the church of Agios Nikolaos of the Kourtaliotis River is.

The village of Kissos was probably named after the ivy bushes, which surrounded the settlement as a verdant cloak.

A myth about a Turk, who, irritated by the tolls of the bell of the church of Panagia Kissani with its marvelous frescoes, decided to turn it into a mosque, is told even today in the village of Kissos.

Historically, Kissos is tied with the Cretan Revolution and the struggles of the people are depicted in the outstanding monument made by sculptor Melampianos in honor of the volunteers.

Finally, the European E4 path crosses the village of Kissos with the Kissano Gorge being approximately 1 km north of the settlement with its artificial pine forest and impressive Red Rock.

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