Kollita Gorges

The Kollita Gorges in the prefecture of Rethymno are located near Argyroypoli, 22 kilometers southwest of the city of Rethymno.

They are called Kollita Gorges (very close to each other) because they consist of two parallel gorges and there is a circular path that crosses them. The gorges start just before the Vilandredo village and end in the village of Kato Poros.

The crossing of Kollita Gorges starts from the Mountriano gorge, 2.5 kilometers in length (ending near the village Velonado), at the tall cliffs where vultures nest. There is a well-shaped path, which goes down to the river that is full-flowing for the most part of the year. The canyon is full of tall plane trees and lots of small lakes formed by the river.

After exiting the Mountriano gorge, a small open road will lead you to the dark entrance to the Kato Poros gorge, a verdant canyon, 2.5 kilometers long, full of plane trees, oaks and uniquely colored caves and rock shelters. In the most beautiful part of the canyon, its two tall sides almost touch each other, leaving a very narrow passage in between. The slopes of the gorge are overgrown with fig trees and kermes oaks.

After exiting the Kollita Gorges, an ancient cobbled path, meandering uphill through laurels, oaks and myrtle trees, will lead the visitors to the traditional village of Kato Poros and to the region of the Five Virgins. The scenery is full of springs with gurgling water that used to supply the baths of ancient Lappa, venerable plane trees and tombs dating to the Hellenistic and Roman periods and there is a small chapel dedicated to the Five Virgins. From there, the path widens, leading to Argyroypoli.

The Kollita Gorges are ideal for hikers, as it is considered a very easy route, without substantial differences in altitude and full of beauty.

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