Approximately 47 km from the Rethymno city and 2 km to the south of Rodakino village, there is a beach of Rethymno prefecture called Korakas.

Korakas beach is the first beach near the dried out river, which ends here after passing through the steep gorge that comes down from the mountain Kryoneritis.

On the east side of the beach, there are cliffs with caves, which reminded of the raven’s beak, before they got eroded (korakas = raven). During the Cretan revolution back in 1866, Greek cruisers unloaded their ammunition on the Korakas beach.

The Korakas beach is quite big, covered with fine grey pebbles and with shallow waters. On the west side of the beach there are many trees where you can find shade.

Korakas is considered quite organized beach, where you can find not only sunbeds, umbrellas and showers, but also some taverns, cafeterias and rooms to let.

Next beach heading east is Klimata. The road from the west side of the Korakas beach leads you to Polyrizos beach, which is popular among families. If you have got a mood for hiking, you can also reach the Agia Marina beach with its small church and the river.



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