Lake Preveli

Lake Preveli lies on the south coastline of Rethymno prefecture , approximately 40 km from the city of Rethymno , on the road leading to Plakias , shortly after Leukogia.

In the delta of the Kourtaliotis River , a small lagoon shapes just before the river flows into the sea, the well-known Lake Preveli, which ends up in a gorgeous sandy beach, the Preveli beach , with a small palm forest making it an exotic landscape.

The Lake Preveli is protected because of its special natural beauty with naturally formed small basins at the base of the falls in the heart of the river.

Along the banks of the Lake Preveli there are canoes to rent for a ride through a dreamy natural tunnel of palm trees. Even a simple walk at the lake or a walk up to the river can also be an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The lake can be accessed by a descending path, almost 30 minutes’ hike with spectacular views. A more adventurous way to reach Lake Preveli is to follow the 2.5 km long dirt-road to the mountain Korifi that connects Agia Irini  with the Amoudi  beach.

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