Lighthouse of Rethymno

The lighthouse of Rethymno can be considered one of the most important cultural attractions of prefecture of Rethymno. It is located on the edge of the old wharf of the Venetian harbor.

The lighthouse is of the Egyptian construction in the 1830ies (particularly in 1838) when the Turks gave Crete to Mehmet Ali and the Egyptians. The lighthouse of Rethymno is the second largest remaining Egyptian lighthouse in Greece, the first is in Chania. It is speculated that an old Venetian lighthouse existed on this spot where the new lighthouse was constructed.

In 1864, the lighthouse was given to the French Company of Lighthouses. The height of this stone structure reaches 9 meters and its focal plane is 49 meters, while the structure itself has oriental elements and reminds of a minaret. Currently, the lighthouse of Rethymno is not being operated and attracts locals and visitors especially in the afternoon.

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