Livadia in the prefecture of Rethymno is located on the road leading to Zoniana, shortly after the village Kalyvos, approximately 1 hour from the city of Rethymno.

At an altitude of 600 meters above the sea level, Livadia village has approximately 1.200 permanent residents.

The village of Livadia had been the headquarters of a provisional government in 1868, bringing out brave men and chieftains. Also, the settlement has been connected to several vendetta cases.

The curious thing with the village of Livadia is that it is considered first in births all over Greece, while the mountain village seems not to allow the younger ones to leave, providing them with opportunities for work in animal husbandry.

The two-nave church of the Transfiguration of the Savior is the parish church of Livadia village. There are also scattered chapels in the area, such as the chapel of Agios Georgios, the two-nave old temple of the Annunciation of the Virgin, the chapel of Agia Marina, as well as some country churches with the church of the Holy Cross on the top of Psiloritis being the most known and easily accessible by a cobbled path.

Finally, in Livadia village various events are held by the cultural association of the village reviving the traditions and customs of the island.

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