Mikri Triopetra

Mikri Triopetra beach is located in Rethymno prefecture 13 km away from the Akoumia village.

Mikri Triopetra or “at Koumanto” is the first beach to be found to the southeast of three rocks, which it took its name from, inside the secluded bay with sand and many rocks.

Akoumianos river flows into the southern side of Mikri Triopetra separating it from the equally bewitching Agios Paulos dunes.

Northern winds, blowing usually in the area of Triopetra beach, do not bother the bathers that much in the Mikri Triopetra, also known as the most “family-friendly” of the region.

There are some rooms-to-let in Mikri Triopetra and taverns, also, the visitors can find some umbrellas as well.

The small port at the southeast part of the beach called Stomio, a chapel of Profitis Ilias constructed on a high hill with breathtaking view from the top, eroded rocks at the back of Mikri Triopetra create this unique landscape of natural beauty.

Continuing the exploration towards east from Mikri Triopetra, the traveler can reach the beaches of Agios Pavlos settlement.

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