Mikro Foteinari

Approximately 37 km to the south of Rethymno city, between Plakias and Souda beach, you can find the Mikro Foteinari of Rethymno prefecture.

Mikro Foteinari beach is the second beach lying in the heart of a verdant bay and the first on your way from Plakias.

The Mikro Foteinari beach or Foteinaraki is smaller than the next beach, Foteinari, that’s why it was called Mikro Foteinari (mikro=small).

Mikro Foteinari is full of rocks and pebbles and totally unorganized, but if you like fishing or snorkeling, this is the ideal place for you.

There are some rooms-to-let and taverns available near Mikro Foteinari.

Two rocky paths that start at the main road and run through small forests lead to the Foteinari beach and to Mikro Foteinari.

To the east from Mikro Foteinari, 2 km in length, the Paligkremnos beach and the Skinos beach are spreading. Skinos is the main beach of Plakias beach.



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