Miksorrouma is a village of the prefecture of Rethymno located approximately 26 km far from the city of Rethymno near the Frati settlement.

The village of Miksorrouma consists of two settlements, the Ano Miksorrouma and the Kato Miksorrouma, and has obtained its name because of its geographical position, the combination of two different torrents, since miksi means combination or mixture and rouma is the torrent.

With no alleys, only a ring road and the houses that are built adjacent one to another, the Miksorrouma is a traditional village, surrounded by lush nature.

The Miksorrouma village, in the old days, was full of life and famous for its basketry workshops, while today the remaining wickerworkers are very few. Moreover, the Ano Miksorrouma has few permanent residents, while the Kato Mixorouma has become a place of holiday homes, especially during the summer period.

In Miksorrouma, the visitor can find a bakery, taverns, three cafes and a snack bar decorated with old objects as well as two units for agritourists in order to ensure a comfortable stay.

The European E4 route passes through the area with a nearby Frati Gorge with natural ponds formed along its banks.

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