Mitropoleos square

Mitropoleos Square in Rethymno prefecture is located inside the town of Rethymno and it is in fact the courtyard of the Megali Panagia, the cathedral of the city, which the square was named after.

Since the 18th century, Mitropoleos square has been the cultural center of the city, due to the fact that the Episcopacy, the Council of Elders, the Kindergarten, the Primary School as well as the Boys’ High-School were built around this square. A little further to the west, in the gardens of Agia Varvara, the Girls’ School was, right where the Public Library of Rethymno is housed today.

To the southeast of Megali Panagia there was a large ballroom that was originally named “Prince Hall” since the city authorities hosted there an affair in honor of Prince George, High Commissioner of Crete, when he visited Rethymno. Later, it was renamed into “the Hall of the Three Hierarchs”, which became a place for hosting official ceremonies, speeches and ball dances.

All of these buildings were demolished until the 1960s, when the new church of Megali Panagia was rebuilt and Mitropoleos square was created.

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