Omala is a small village of the prefecture of Rethymno located approximately 43 km far from the city of Rethymno.

The traditional settlement of Omala, which probably was named after the smooth soil of the plateau where it was built, is mentioned in the 16th and 17th centuries’ censuses of the villages of Mylopotamos, in the Fortress guard list of the Mount Kouloukonas and in a contract of 1638, as one of the villages of the vast fief for rental purposes.

Today, the alleys of the village of Omala seem abandoned and few buildings are habitable, however, the remaining inhabitants of the village whitewash their courtyards expressing optimism and belief that the settlement will manage to resist time. Moreover, recently, the creation of a Cultural Association was another attempt to revive the village.

Finally, the only church of Omala village is Venetian and dedicated to Agios Dimitrios. Every year on October 26, a big feast is held in his honor and people from the nearby villages gather to celebrate.

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