Peiratiko Fiord

The Peiratiko Fiord can be found approximately 30 km from the Rethymno city inside an isolated harbor to the south of Mouri or Karavos cape, near Plakias of Rethymno prefecture.

The beach Foinikas or Peiratiko Fiord is a narrow creek between enormous vertical cliffs.

The Peiratiko Fiord was named after the pirates (peiratis = pirate), who during the Byzantine period took refuge inside this narrow creek.

The tiny beach of Peiratiko Fiord is sandy and shallow in the beginning, but then abruptly gets deep. The beach is surrounded by rocks and its waters are crystal clear, and moreover, the torrents from the Kourtaliotis gorge end up on this beach.

The Peiratiko Fiord is considered an ideal choice for those who take pleasure in underwater fishing or diving, while there also are pedal-boats and canoe for rent. Tourists can enjoy their sun baths on some sun beds, placed on smooth horizontal rocks that lie next to the beach.

The Peiratiko Fiord beach can be accessed through a hotel property or by boat from Plakias. To the east of Peiratiko Fiord the next beach is the Damnoni.


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