Prasses is a small village of the prefecture of Rethymno that lies approximately 10 km southeast of the city of Rethymno.

A quaint settlement built at an altitude of 330 meters, the Prasses village maintains its Venetian architecture mixed in the verdant natural landscape that surrounds it. At the exit, a road descends towards a verdant valley of a river, offering a remarkable view at the peaks of the mount Psiloritis.

Prasses counts approximately 100 permanent residents and is situated near the famous Prassano gorge (south of the village) with its vast diversity of flora and fauna, offering the nature lovers a magnificent hiking trail among the imposing rocks.

The village of Prasses, you can also find it under the name Prasiés or Prasés, has been recorded historically by the Venetians since the late 16th century. Traces of Late-Minoan settlement with Geometric elements had been found at the location of Kastrí. There are also remnants of three fortresses that were found in the area. One of them, near the Dam of the Rivers and the bridge of Simá, is the monumental attraction that, along with the Venetian buildings of the village, captures the visitor’s attention, just like the Venetian aqueduct with its fountain and ponds.

There are several traditional cafeterias in the village of Prasses.

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