Rimonti fountain

The Rimonti fountain is an attraction in the center of the Old Town  of Rethymno . It is located at the Titou Petychaki Square  in former center of the Venetian Town. The Venetian monument that lies among the today’s crowded restaurants and cafeterias and brought to the inhabitants fresh water during the past centuries was built in 1626 by the Governor A. Rimonti.

The crucial problem of the city’s efficient water supply was dealt by Venetian governors with the construction of aqueducts and fountains to serve the needs of the citizens. The Rimonti fountain covered a big part of water needs of the city.

The Rimonti fountain (or “vrysakia” for the locals) consists of three basins, where the water ends up, and three hydrants in shape of the lion’s head. Three fluted columns crowned with Corinthian capitals uphold the beam with Latin inscription. Words LIBERALITATIS and FONTES can be seen on these columns. The dome, a part of which remained intact till nowadays, is a later addiction during the Ottoman period, when they preferred to have the fountains covered.

During the improvement of the infrastructure, a pipeline that supplied with water the Rimonti fountain was revealed. It is a stone pipeline, which according to the Venetian drawings of the 17th century, was going down from the Euligia hill on the south side of the city.

The legend says that whoever drinks from the Rimonti fountain will remain forever young.

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