The Schoinaria beach is located approximately 33 km to the south of Rethymno and 3.5 km from the Leukogeia village. The beach belongs to the Plakias area of Rethymno prefecture.

The Schoinaria beach is almost unknown to tourists, but for the locals it is heaven on earth, as they rate it among their favorites. At one point this was a spot for organizing rave parties.

 The Sxoinaria beach is a small beach with fine, beige sand and pebbles and crystal clear turquoise waters that deepen abruptly. The seabed is rocky, but at the northern side of the beach you can find lovely-colored sand. There also some small lakes full of water emerging from springs.

To some point, the Schoinaria beach is semi-organized since there is a tavern, which offers sunbeds, umbrellas and shower for the bathers. Divers can find a diving center on the beach that organizes day and night excursions.

Schoinaria can be reached by car from Lefkogeia and during your trip you can enjoy the marvelous view to the bay of Plakias.

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