Selli of the prefecture of Rethymno is located at an altitude of 510 meters, 19 km south of the city of Rethymno.
Built at the foothills of Vrysinas, the quaint village of Sellí, currently inhabited by approximately 150 residents, has been mention in Venetian census of the 16th century as SELI and it is certain that it had existed as of 1411.

Its name originates in the Byzantine word sella, sellin meaning mountain path in Cretan dialect, so the settlements built on these passages are called Sellia or Selli. The village played an important role during the Turkish occupation, as it was a birthplace of revolutionaries.

From ancient times until today, due to the existence of pastures on the slopes of Vrisinas, the residents of Selli are engaged in stock-breeding and farming. Around the village there are many cultivated areas where cereals and vegetables grow, as well as fruit trees, grapevines and other. The olive, however, is one that takes precedence of the other products in the area.

Among the attractions of the village of Selli the most imposing is the Renaissance church of Agios Ioannis with its rare murals and internal arches. Also, worth visiting is a famous organic farm-tavern with many animals and a playground for children, which is located at the end of the village.

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