The village Sises geographically belongs to the prefecture of Rethymno and is located approximately 42 km far from the city of Rethymno.

The versions of the name of the village, Sises, vary over the course of centuries. Also an inscription has been found that proves that at the current location of the settlement a coastal city once was, called by the name Sísa or Sísai. This prehellenic nickname has its origins in the neighboring village Sisarcha. The locals have also developed their own version of the etymology of the village’s name, according to which, the settlement is associated with earthquakes that trouble the area, but the most prevalent is that it was named after the plant sisaros or agkisaros (Cistus ladanopherum) that

grows there and produces the famous and pharmaceutical Aladanos (Ladanum), when its foliage is pulled.
The main agricultural activities of the villagers of Sises are animal husbandry, beekeeping and, in recent decades, cultivation of citrus of high quality and olive oil production.

In the wider area of Sises and, particularly, at site Akra Soudas Minoan settlements were found. So far, only one complex of structures has been excavated; however, it indicates the existence of specialized commercial systems in the area.

Finally, northwest of the village of Sises, there are 2 beautiful beaches, where you can bathe after a walk in the village.

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