The Skepasti is a small village in the prefecture of Rethymno, located about 25 km far from the homonymous city and in close proximity to the seaside village of Panormos.

At an altitude of just 120 meters, the Skepasti is nestled in a range of small hills overlooking the verdant with olive trees Peramathianos valley.

The history of Skepasti starts from the Byzantine period and was marked in 1571 by the pirates, who pillaged it. Its name comes from the asylum-roof (skepi=roof) provided by the residents in order to protect themselves from the invaders.

The two-nave Agios Nikolaos is the parish church of Skepasti. Beside it, the church of Panagia is housed, which is linked to a legend of a priest’s wife being kidnapped by the pirates and sold to a Turkish Aga. The church of Agia Paraskevi is located at the homonymous beach of the village and was operated as a convent in the past. In the heart of the village, there is the church of the Holy Cross, a 14th century church, which used to hold a big festival every year.

Finally, a windmill is located east of Skepasti, beside the highway and revives the memories and history of a bygone era.

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