Square of the Unknown Soldier

The Square of the Unknown Soldier can be found in Rethymno, at Eth. Makariou Street and at the same place, where the gate of Ammou, one of the gates in the city walls, existed.

It was called the square of the Unknown Soldier because of the homonymous statue erected in 1930 in the center of the square, the unveiling of which was made by Eleftherios Venizelos. The statue is located at the intersection of the waterfront and the new beach of the town.

The square was the end of the major roads leading from Heraklion, Mylopotamos and the Monastery of Arkadi in Rethymno. In the past, the hallmark of the square was the cafeteria and a bus agency “Kyma”, while the days-long docking of the ship “Albano” in 1960 is impossible for the locals to forget.

In 2014, a modern sun-clock was placed in the square of the Unknown Soldier (or Iroon Square) as a result of a team collaboration of Rethymnian scientists with local commissions.

At the northern end of the square of the Unknown Soldier there is the starting point for the municipality train making a tour around the Old Town every half an hour.

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