Statue of Kostis Giampoudakis

The statue of Kostis Giampoudakis is a sight located in the Tessaron Martyron Square in Rethymno, within a short walk from the Megali Porta and the entrance to the old town.

The statue of Kostis Giampoudakis is placed upon a square marble base, representing the hero in military clothing holding a torch in one hand and a sword in the other.

Kostas Giampoudakis was the protagonist of self-sacrifice in the monastery of Arkadi and hailed from the Adele village. On November 9 in 1866, 15,000 Turks were ready to enter the monastery, when Giampoudakis sought permission of the abbot Gavriil Marinakis to set on fire the powder warehouse and he blew it up, giving a glorious death to the Greeks as not to fall prisoners by the enemy. The Giampoudakis took the brave decision setting fire to gunpowder and blew up the whole storage.

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