Tripodo is a village of the prefecture of Rethymno located approximately 27 km far from the city of Rethymno, between the villages of Margarites and Eleftherna.

Built at an altitude of 250 meters, the village of Tripodo counts very few permanent residents. It was known as Kato Tripodo in the antiquity, but today the toponym Ano Tripodo has prevailed.

The village was named after a table with three legs, which was used as judicial desk during the years when Ancient Eleftherna and Ancient Axos were still prosperous. According to tradition, the headquarters of the ancient court was in Tripodo and consisted of three judges.

At the entrance to the village of Tripodo, there is the church of Panagia (the Virgin) with a memorial in honor of those who were sacrificed in the Arkadi monastery. The chapel of Agios Andreas also belongs to the area of the settlement.

The route E4 passes through the village of Tripodo and ends near a big river. Moreover, at the exit of the village there is an ancient 2.000 years old olive tree, the oldest olive tree on Crete.

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