Vlychada is located southwest of the village Bali, approximately 30 km from the city of Rethymno in the prefecture of Rethymno.

The Vlychada village can be found in the shadow of the Talaia Mountains.

The name of the settlement, Vlychada, seems to have its origins in the word vlychos meaning salty, which is the main feature of the valley that surrounds the village. Later, it was named as Ano and Kato Vlychada, but, finally, the current name prevailed.

The Vlychada village is one of the places where giant Talos was worshiped, the ancient guard of Crete. The residents of the village, together with the settlers of Melidoni, had taken over the protection of Astali, the ancient port in Bali.

In an area full of cliffs, in Vlychada, there are the Three Churches and the chapel of agios Nikolaos, with its interior being an ancient fresco, which indicates that an old monastery probably was housed there.

Near the village, there is a hotel complex and a restaurant, and a few kilometers away from Vlychada, an old fishermen village of Bali lies, where you can swim in one of the most beautiful bays and enjoy its sandy beaches.

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