Agios Athanasius in Pigi

Agios Athanasios in Pigi is in Syros. You can find on the back side of Ano Syros, after 500 meters, in a truly stunning location: on the bottom of the ravine, between the planes there is a source of running water.

The existence of the Church of Agios Athanasius in Pigi existed since 1631. In 1859, on its foundations, has built the second temple, nicer and bigger. This temple collapsed, however, completely unexpectedly on 2nd of March in 1946. In its place was built in 1947, the current, stone-built Agios Athanasius in Pigi, that until today, along with its stone bell tower is a jewel of the region.

In Pigi of Agios Athanasios, because of the stream, grow rare egg. On stone laundresses around the temple, the oldest women were washing their clothes. Even today during the spring several women wash carpets and rugs spreading them in the surrounding terraces.

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