Chalandriani is one of the settlements in Ano Meria of Syros, the northern part of that island. It’s away from Ermoypoli about 7 kilometers and is one of the smallest inhabited settlements, with only 3 residents, according to the last census.

The name of Chalandriani comes from the word “Chalantra” which means’ broken antra’, i.e. ruins. That’s because in Chalandriani, since the late 19th century (1892) excavations come to light findings from ancient acropolis with fortification wall that had towers and gates and cemetery, dating to prehistoric times. Very close to the ancient acropolis of Chalandiani in Kastri was excavated ancient cemetery of the prehistoric era, while the two points are connected by path.

The excavations in Chalandriani had been made ​​by archaeologist Christos Tsountas, scientist with important work near the German Heinrich Schliemann at Mycenae and anywhere, and brought to light among other precious Cycladic figurines. The archaeological area around the village is considered one of the most important in Cyclades.

In Chalandriani, the visitors can also admire the little chapel of Our Lady Chalandiani and endless view to the coast of Syros and the blue of Aegean.

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