Megali Agkali

Opposite from the Port of Ermoupoli is the island Gaidouri or Fanari (in ancient times was known as Gemini). On this island, which is uninhabited, there are several beaches and the most important is that of Megali Agkali in the sheltered southern bay.

Megali Agkali, which is 1.5 nautical miles from the port of Ermoupoli (500 meters), is accessible only by boat. Above this beach dominates imposing the first and thus oldest rotating beacon in Greece built in early 1830 by the Bavarian architect.

In Megali Agkali in the spring is not rare to see among the bushes gray eggs of seagulls which choose Gaidouri or Fanari to deposit them.

Because the island is not inhabited, who opted for a day trip Megali Agkali should bring water and a snack because the only other option is to return by boat to Ermoupoli.

From Megali Agkali start several small trails for those who want to explore the uninhabited island and take a dip in the other three smaller beaches.

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