Plati Vouni

Plati Vouni is one of the smallest villages in the Ano Meria of Syros. Ano Meria called in Syros in the northern part of the island, where the landscape is wilder and more sparsely populated area. Plati Vouni lies at an altitude of 220 meters to the northeast, very close to the village and the archaeological site of Chalandriani.

In the settlement Plati Vouni stay permanently about ten people who actually settled there in recent years, as for many decades, was deserted. Everyone involved with agricultural and livestock operations.

From Plati Vouni passes the organized network paths of Syros, which cleaned and marked by the island authorities in recent years. The signs are clear and show you the way to walk about one hour and half to the Bay of Glysoura, and approximately the same is necessary  a walker to climb from  the area Richopo where  starting the path to the cave of Ferekydi and result in Plati Vouni.

Plati Vouni is considered down as the best place to enjoy someone the August moon to rising in the sky of Syros.

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