Aerinos is a mountainous village, built at the highest location of Kissamos, at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, with only 10 permanent elderly residents.

Aerinos is found 65 kilometers southwest of Chania and it belongs to the municipality of Kissamos. On the slopes of the Koutroulis Mountain, you will see five of the neighborhoods that used to consist the village of Aerinos years ago, Kalyvakia, Sapsiana, Felesiana, Ntampasiana and Konstantouliana.

The reference point of Aerinos is the church of the Holy Cross. The festival takes place every year on September 14tg and it constitutes a big occasion where locals, relatives and friends celebrate all together with abundant raki, good wine and appetizers.

Despite the fact that Aerinos is a mountainous village, the land is not infertile or dry. On the contrary, there are many water springs that have their sources on the top of Koutroulis Mountain and go across the neighborhoods of the village, creating a beautiful natural landscape.

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